A Word Or Two About

What I Do

I love people, love what I do and consider it my privilege and purpose. My unique value is the ability to build trust, provide customized coaching and programs that help each person “Better Their Best.” Whether it is an individual, a team or an entire company - my training hits the mark with real world application! The topics and services listed can be designed and delivered to fit your needs and desires. I am here to serve others and leave them thinking, feeling and doing more that matters.


Leadership & Management

  1. Executive Coaching - Bettering Your Best
  2. Change and Change Matters!
  3. Leadership Skills Today for Tomorrow’s Success
  4. Customized Supervisory & Management Courses
  5. Personal/Professional Development
  6. Presentations to Influence and Impact Others

Team Skills And Customer Service (We All Serve Someone)

  1. Building High Performance Teams
  2. TeamWorks!
  3. Fish Philosophy - everyone can catch it!
  4. “CSI” Customer Service Improvement

Sales Training

  1. Sales Skills - confidence, communications, connections
  2. Sales and Servicing
  3. Direct Value Statements – being real, with your real scripts
  4. Sales Success – the answer is all in the questions!


  1. Presentation Skills – Where’s your WOW
  2. Human Relations & Interpersonal Skills
  3. Personal Development and Performance Coaching
  4. Motivating Others Toward Performance
  5. Dealing with Difficult People – The good, the bad, the ugly
  6. Conversations that Count and Connect

Additional Services

  • Key-note Speaker – Master of Ceremonies - Facilitator
  • Corporate Retreat Speaker/ Trainer
  • Interview Power – Getting An Offer
  • Speech coaching/writing

Keynote Addresses: (Customization For All Groups – Subjects, Titles)

  • Legends, Leaders and Leavers
  • Fillers versus Spillers
  • Changing Times Need Changing Minds
  • Making the most of matters that Matter!!
  • EQ vs IQ –
  • Bettering Your Best
  • Now - right now!

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Better Your BEST

I want to help you better your B.E.S.T. - Build your confidence, Elevate your game, Simplify things, Trust your gut!

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