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Better Your Best Book Cover by Jo Bruce

Better Your Best

by Jo Bruce

"One of the takeaways will most certainly be the conclusion that nice people can finish first."

- Dave Trott, Former Congressman

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I love people, love what I do and consider it my privilege and purpose. My unique value is the ability to build trust, provide customized coaching and programs that help each person “Better Their Best.”

Whether it is an individual, a team or an entire company - my training hits the mark with real world application!



Jo Bruce

Jo Bruce is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Corporate Trainer/Consultant. For over 25 years she has been coaching and training clients in the areas of Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, and Personal Development. Her passion is helping people “Better Their Best!”

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If You Aren’t Fired Up With Enthusiasm . . . You’ll Be Fired . . . With Enthusiasm.

- Vince Lombardi

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I want to help you better your B.E.S.T. - Build your confidence, Elevate your game, Simplify things, Trust your gut!

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